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America’s First Padlocked Church Prelude to Ron Paul’s Present Plight
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America’s First Padlocked Church Prelude to Ron Paul’s Present Plight

Posted by: admin on Fri, Mar 20, 2009

by Greg Dixon

America’s First Padlocked Church Prelude to Ron Paul’s Present Plight  
 By Greg Dixon 
A reader from yesterday’s article about our church, the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, being raided by 100 federal marshals on February 13, 2001 on a Court order from Federal District Judge Sara Evans Barker in violation of the Holy Scriptures and Indiana and federal Constitutions writes the following typical response:
Hello Greg,
I would like to receive The Trumpet. I am so sorry this happened to you and your church. I can hardly believe it happened with almost no reports in the media. I have always said that there is a State Religion in America just as there was in the USSR, and this convinces me even more of that. Thank you very much. Blessings, Don

Over and over people say how can such a thing happen in America?  First let me say, it did happen but it didn’t happen until “Black Friday,” September 3, 1982.  On that day Cass County Sheriff Fred Tesch (deceased), acting on a bench warrant issued by Judge Raymond J. Case, drove out to Louisville, Nebraska, and arrested a man of God, Pastor Everette Sileven while ministering in the pulpit of his church, before children, during morning chapel. They locked him in the Plattsmouth jail with common criminals for 297 days, and then the next year locked up seven of the church fathers for 97 days. 
What was their crime? The same as the congregation of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple: they believed that Jesus Christ was the head over their church, not the state of Nebraska.  In this case, they had refused to take a license from the state to conduct a Christian school in their church facilities; in the Baptist Temple case, it was the collection and payment of taxes.  In both it was a First Commandment case – Who is God – Christ or Caesar?  It has always been the issue for two millennia now and will be until He comes and settles the issue once and for all.  And be assured, He will.
How did it happen?  It could not have happened until 100 of us were carried out of the same church, bodily, at 6 am on the following October 18 after an all night prayer meeting, by the same Sheriff Tesch backed up by the Nebraska State Police, and then the church padlocked from the inside to where the congregation could not worship in their own building.
How did it happen? It could not have happened until State tyranny of Texas destroyed the huge forty-year old children’s home ministry of Lester Roloff in 1971, the New Bethany Home for boys and girls Arcadia, Louisiana in 1972, the Community Baptist Church Boys Home ministry in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1986, and several others including a boys’ home just raided in Florida two months ago. None of this could have happened without the aid of the press and the silence of the pastors in the area who have consistently stood on the side of the state in every one of these cases.
How did it happen?  It could not have happened until the “Ministry of Information” as Orwell put it in his book 1984 had so democratized the American people that they had lost all concept of Constitutional government for the most part by the time of the “Great Depression.”  In fact, it says in one edition of  Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World that there was no organized opposition to this New World Order in 1932, which was the year that I was born.  No wonder there was no opposition, when the War Powers Act was passed by Congress in 1933 making every American an enemy of the State a “domestic terrorist”.  Obviously when they declared the national bankruptcy, they thought that they might have to declare martial law, and they will eventually.
How did it happen?  It could not have happened until the preachers became dumbed down to the point where they believed that Romans 13 taught the unlimited submission to the civil magistrate, and they thought evangelism was more important than discipleship and buildings were more important than people, and that the church was a legal organization rather than a divine organism (body of Christ).
When we went through our ordeal in Indianapolis and lost $6 million worth of the Lord’s property, 22 acres of land, a Christian school with 300 students from K-12, a day care, a College, and our home in which we had raised our family, not one preacher in forty miles of Indianapolis even called or sent an e-mail to say that they were praying for us.
How did it happen?  It happened because The International Association of Undercover Officers held a seminar in Nashville, Tennessee August 16-20, 1999 and named people like Greg Dixon, W.N. Otwell and Matt Trewhella as “Domestic Terrorists” in print, along with scores of other patriotic Americans and no one cared. And now they are bold enough to come after a respected Congressman like Ron Paul.  We better stop this train now.  The fourth in this series, God willing, will be in Freedom’s Phoenix tomorrow.
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   Discussion: America’s First Padlocked Church Prelude to Ron Paul’s Present Plight
Teresa (anon) · 12 years, 5 months ago
Dr. Dixon, I tried to respond to your last e-mail, but my message came back "undeliverable". I'm not quite sure why, so I decided to post our correspondence thus far here, in hopes that you will get my latest response to you. Of course my first message is at the bottom, with your response next up, then my last response to you just under this paragraph. --------------------------------------------------- I don't think I was missing the point, Dr. Dixon. The interference by the states of LA and SC in the operation of New Bethany should be declared a heaven sent BLESSING! Nothing tyrannical about it! SC and LA SHUT those horrible places down. Perhaps if you were to step up, and declare places like New Bethany as being partially responsible for causing some states to take a closer look at privately operated "christian" children's homes, and openly rebuke them, it may motivate the directors of such places to clean up their acts. I have to say that New Bethany was a VERY poor choice of an example in your article. Simply because the states of LA and SC shut them down because of the horrible way they treated children in their charge. There is nothing tyrannical about that. Teresa Original message from "Greg Dixon" <>:  Teresa, You miss the whole point. My article is not a discussion of the purity, holiness, or even the doctrinal correctness of the churches or "ministries" that were documented in my book and article but to show a consistent pattern of state tyrrany against Christian ministries and the rights of parents to the right of their own children. The Bible says, "Be sure your sins will find you out" It also says, "some men's sins go before them to the judgment." Be assured that God will not let anyone get by with sin. However, I had to include Bethany because I was trying to give a chronological case history of these events, not an exoneration of the individuals who were in charge or who worked there. Hope this helps. Bro. Dixon ----- Original Message ----- teresa To: Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 12:47 AM Subject: re: your mention of New Bethany in the 3/19 article Dr. Dixon, It saddens me greatly that there are multitudes of people who still live under the deception that Mack Ford was a loving man of God whose calling from the Lord was to take in "wayward" and "unwanted" children to love and teach the ways of Godly living. I was a resident of New Bethany in Arcadia in 1982. I am 41 years old now with 4 children of my own. I have a personal relationship with God that no one "taught" me, and I want more than anything to be able to allow my children to develope this same kind of relationship with our creator. I felt led to write you after reading your article. I am continuing to research New Bethany and have been in contact with other former residents for quite some time. I would ask that you do the same thing. There are a multitude of recollections from former residents posted throughout the internet that I think you should read before publicly giving your support for places like New Bethany. If you google "New Bethany" and "Mack Ford" or "Olin King", "Larry (L.D.) Rapier", "Arcadia" or "Longstreet", I know that the first thing that will probably come to your mind is that those who post their experiences aim to "persecute" people who are trying to live Godly lives. Before you do this, please remember that our heavenly father blessed us with the ability to think "outside the box" without allowing the devil to influence it. Another thing that saddens me is that there are those of fundamental faiths who teach that keeping an open mind is blasphemous. I would hope you are not one of those. Another site you might want to read is the "New Bethany Survivors" site. There are entries there that go back all the way to 2000. Just so you know, it has been proven to be fact that Mack Ford has at LEAST ONE innapropriate relationship with a resident of New Bethany. The list of this man's unadmitted sins could stretch for miles. He currently sits on the decrepit property in Arcadia with a loaded shotgun handy. Apparently, he has realized that all those innocent children whose lives he adversely affected for over 30 years have become adults, a point he didn't seem to think about all those years ago. After reading (and don't be afraid to read it all, God will protect you from your fear, and most definitely your ANGER if you only ask him to) the accounts from New Bethany in Arcadia, Longstreet and Walterboro, if you could ask a question of yourself and God, I want it to be WHAT was Godly, loving, kind and protective about that place? Teresa

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