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Why Good Friday Is Bittersweet Part 2 Why Good Friday Is Bittersweet Part 2

   Discussion: Why Good Friday Is Bittersweet Part 2
Pastor Robert McConkey · 2 months ago
  Good evening again, brothers and sister in Christ. This evening I will do my best to begin with part 2 of my message called Why Good Friday Is Bittersweet. In the last half of the part 1 of the message, you heard that things did indeed get even worse for the 11. First Judas was about to betray Jesus, then He declined to drink of the cup the fourth time, which as I said represented the "fourth cup," the Cup Of Acceptance that represented the 4th promise that God The Father made to Israel, but Jesus also made it clear Peter would die Him 3 time before the cock crowed.       However, things were going to get even worse than what happened thus far, if not for them right away, it would for Jesus at the moment, because He had just declined to drink the cup of wine, the fourth time, that represented the Cup Of Acceptance--the fourth cup, symbolizing the fourth promise God The Father made to Israel. This meant He was about to "drink," the fifth cup--the Cup Of the Wine Of God's Wrath Or Fury, that was shortly about to happen the nearer He got to the time of His voluntary death on the cross for the sins of His people and in the future our sins.     if you want to know bad, it was going to get for them, and especially, at the time, open your Bibles with now to back to Matthew 26:36-42. Then Jesus came with them to a place called Gethsemane. And he said to His disciples, "Sit here until going away I shall pray there. And taking along Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, He began to grieve and to be deeply troubled, Then He said to them, "My soul is deeply grieved, even unto death. Stay here and watch with me. And going forward a little, He fell on His face, praying and saying, :My Father if is possible, let this cup pass from Me, yet not as I will, but as You will."    Now we are going to pause again. He and the 11, had before this, left where they are staying, and crossed what the Gospel of John called, "the winter-stream Kidron..," what is called Greek a torrent to the Mount Of Olives. He then takes His disciples to the place called Gethsemane, which means that He took them to place with a gethsemane. Gethsemane is Hebrew for olive press. It was a place with or near an olive press or even the places where olives were pressed.  Ray Vander said, it was likely an olive press enclosed in a cave,    Then when He gets there, He has 8 of His disciples sit and wait for Him while goes some where away from it, and takes three of disciples, Peter, James and John with Him to where he is going to alone to pray. Then He has them wait nearby with him,  Then He goes a little farther and prays to God The Father, for the cup He is about to drink to pass from Him, but only if is that His will.     You maybe wondering, why He began His prayer with that, and what cup did He ask for God The Father, to not have Him drink?  Remember, what I said before, about the fact He declined to drink the "fourth cup," of God The Father's protection, and that he had to voluntarily drink the "fifth cup--the Cup Of The Wine Of God's Wrath or Fury, mentioned in the Book of Jeremiah. Tomorrow I will continue with part two of this message, even though tomorrow is Easter. You will then find out just how bad things were going to get, at least for Him. Good eveming to you all.

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